Spring is on its way

“Arctic regions, sunny tropics, giant hills, winged winds, mighty billows, verdant vales, festive flowers, and glorious heavens, — all point to Mind, the spiritual intelligence they reflect. The floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 240)

“God … made every flower in Mind before it sprang from the earth: yet we look into matter and the earth to give us these smiles of God!” (Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 179)

“The good man imparts knowingly and unknowingly goodness; but the evil man also exhales consciously and unconsciously his evil nature — hence, be careful of your company. As in the floral kingdom odors emit characteristics of tree and flower, a perfume or a poison, so the human character comes forth a blessing or a bane upon individuals and society.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Message to The Mother Church for 1900, p. 8)



Winter's Promise


The swans are at the lake once more

Like summer’s promise long foretold.

Snow angels floating well off shore

On waters deep and dark and cold.


I’ve waited for them every year

With hope and joy, a patience thing.

The creatures we all hold most dear

Can wake in us eternal spring.


Renewal’s hint is their domain;

New cygnets will Spring waters glide.

With timid movements they’ll remain

In safety at their mother’s side.


These graceful swans reflect, take flight

And rise from lake-side, pure and white.

Their wings flash bright bold blinding light

Against the winter’s somber night.


Christian Pascale

(Used by permission of the author)


The flowers appear


The flowers appear on the earth;

the time of the singing of birds is come,

and the voice of the turtle[dove]

is heard in our land.

Song of Solomon 2:12